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DIY Solar panel

Make your own solar power or solar heating panel.

DIY solar power panel DIY Hot water panel (Scroll down)

We've also a great selection of ready made DIY Solar panel kits to get you started.

Learn how to connect solar panels together in series or in parallel

Solar panels in parallel Solar panels in series

Find out how to choose the right components for your solar kit by visting this handy web page - Solar power or lighting kit design instructions.

DIY Solar hot water panel instructions

This is the first solar panel our MD made many years ago in 2004. Making it gave him the idea of starting Mysolarshop. He found it very difficult to get hold of the components he needed for his project so he opened a solar shop to help others find theirs!

Ask us for the handout style, single page PDF version of the below DIY Solar hot water panel instructions.

Wooden frame/box

Wooden frame/box for the DIY solar panel

The wooden box we made to hose the heat exchanger and piping before painting/treating it with wood preserve

Painting the box

Painting the box

It's important to protect the box well because it's got to last a long time so make sure you really slap on may coats of paint!

Securing and painting the centre supports

Securing and painting the centre supports

Here you can see the centre supports that help hold the weight of the Aluminium sheet

Securing and painting the Corner supports

Securing and painting the Corner supports

Secure small triangles of wood into each corner to support the corners of the aluminium plate.

Fitting the insulation

Fitting the insulation

30mm Rockwool type insulation was placed behind the aluminium plate to insulate it. This makes sure we don't loose too much heat out the back of our DIY Solar panel.

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