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The Futurenergy 48V wind turbine installed at our offices that we use for training our staff, customers and installers. Over the coming weeks we will be adding to this page which will hopefully become a usefull guide to installing a wind turbine tower. The tower kit is a new and very welcome addition to the Futurenergy product range. We were very pleased to work with the Furturenergy team on this product. The one you see below is the very first prototype which we have been evaluating and testing for Futurenergy.

Futurenergy wind turbine tower kit

In the background, on the right you can just see a commercial wind farm. The trees and the motorway behind our turbine interfere with it a little but it's definately an excellent location. EDF Energy did a lot of research before they installed their huge turbines and we're benefiting from that expensive research!

This second picture (above) shows the lower two 3m sections of the wind turbine mast which are connected by the steel sleeves. Each steel sleeve has four points for attaching the steel guy ropes.

Components of a wind turbine installation
All the components (appart from the steel tube) we used for this installation. Notice the all important rope, string and multimeter. The rope was used to help us raise the mast and the string was invaluable for making sure each of the four anchors were the same distance from the central ground anchor.

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