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Approved EN 50438

Approved grid tie inverters for use in Ireland - EN 50438

Broadly speaking the EN50438 standard for connecting grid tie inverters in Ireland is similar to the G83 standard for the UK. We're in the process of finding suitable manufacturers and suppliers of EN50438 grid tie inverters for solar, wind and hydro and will be adding to this section over the following weeks and months.

One of the manufacturers we are working with is an Irish company with a very exciting new product. If you'd like to know more, or would like the chance of helping us with some of the product trials please contact us.

EN 50438 Standard brief summary

Parameter Disconnect setting Clearance time
Over voltage 230V + 10% 0.5 seconds
Under voltage 230V -10%  0.5 seconds
Over frequency 50 Hz + 1% 0.5 seconds
Under frequency 50 Hz - 4% 0.5 seconds

G83 Standard brief Summary

Parameter Disconnect setting Clearance time
Over voltage 264V 1.5 seconds
Under voltage 207V  1.5 seconds
Over frequency 50.5 Hz 0.5 seconds
Under frequency 47 Hz 0.5 seconds

If you have any questions about the above information or require some more information please call or contact us here.

We are always please to help!


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