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The UK Government proposal to increase the amount of green power generated by households and communities finally came into effect in April 2010. It's aimed at encouraging us to play our part in a "clean energy revolution" Before then anyone feeding electricity into the grid would get a reduction in their energy bill by using smart meters. This wasn't very popular, not least because of the ridiculously long payback time. I'm sure we all want to do our bit but it would be an easier "green pill" to swallow if we could recoup the investment within the average llife expectancy of a human! 

Net Metering Diagram - Clean Energy Cashback

Clean Energy Cashback Diagram


Grid Tie Diagram G83 Grid tie inverter

How to connect a grid tie system

What's a grid tie Inverter?

We think that anything that has the potential to encourage us to reduce our carbon footprint and be kinder to our very precious planet can't be bad. And it's with that thought in our minds that we're going to be dedicating this section on our website to help you understand what's achievable and hopefully encourage you to roll up your sleeves and do some ECO DIY with the "help" of a friendly MCS Approved installer.

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