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Can you buy an MCS Approved solar panel kit and claim the feed in tariffs (FITs) if you do the installation yourself?

Well, this is quite a grey area but the official stance is still you need the whole kit installing by an MCS approved installer to receive the UK FITs. The other thing to consider is the VAT which is at the lower rate for an MCS approved install but at the higher rate when you buy a kit. However the amount you could save can completely off sets this.

We think this is frankly ridiculous and although the MCS approval process does regulate the professional installation community it prevents perfectly capable individuals from pursuing the DIY route. Surely the whole point of all this is to help people been greener for an affordable price! 

This same MCS approval is also required for solar panels and wind turbines. Solar panels have had a perfectly good certification scheme in the rest of Europe for many, many years. Why on earth the UK gov had to invent a new one when the existing one was absolutely fine for many of the other countries like Germany, Spain and France. The MCS approval cost for wind turbine manufacturers is astronomical and prevents small, innovative UK companies from competing against huge non UK manufacturers who quite often copy UK designs. This surely canít be right?

Anyway, rant over we have heard the there are an increasing number of MCS Installers who will let you "help" them with the install. The extent of that help depends on the installer and can be anything form you putting up the scaffolding to doing all the solar panel installation, inverter and cabling work. All MCS approved installers have to do an install to gain their MCS so you can sometimes find an pre MCS approved company that will bite your hand off to install a kit that you have financed for them.

The Mysolarshop team.
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