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DIY Solar panel - Part 2

Absorber plate

Solar absorber plate

Here we are checking that the aluminium absorber plate for our DIY panel fits with 4mm gap for heat expansion

Lining the inside of the box with tin foil

Lining the inside of the solar panel box with tin foil

The aluinium foil sits on top of the insulation and reflects heat back to the aluminium absorber plate which sits on top of the foil.

Scratching the aluminium absorber

Scratching the aluminium absorber

We scratched the aluminium absorber plate with a wire brush so the paint ad-hears better to it

Marking and drilling

Marking and drilling

Holes were drilled into the panel's absorber plate to fix the copper heat exchanger. This heat exchanger transfers the solar energy/heat to the water that flows through it.

Snake bits!

Solar Heat Exchanger Components

Laying out and checking the copper snake parts ready for cleaning and soldering. You can also make this part by bendingmalleable copper pipe. Use a small tin to help form the corners.

More snake bits

More Heat Exchanger Components

All the corners and short pipe sections. Either methods make good heat exchangers for our DIY Solar panel.

DIY Solar System Diagram

Interlude! - DIY Solar power or lighting kit design

Learn how to design a solar panel power or solar panel lighting kit with our step by step guide. Like to know how big your batteries should be? Which charge controller should you use? How do you calculate solar panel size and power? Find the answers on these pages.

Cleaning the snake bits

Cleaning the snake bits

Make sure you clean the pipe ends thoroughly with wire wool and use flux when soldering the joints. The cleaner they are the better the joint will be and less likely it is to fail

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