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In our Information section we've covered the practical side of do-it-yourself solar panels and solar panel kits: how to install grid tie systems, how to connect solar panels, which is the best solar kit for your project and much more. In this section wed like to explore the philosophical side of renewable energy. So we've sent our roaming reporter into the field to follow your solar projects.

Off-grid Lifestyle Reporter

A Florida native, Avery Sumner grew up on a self-sufficient homestead in the United States where she cultivated a love for simple living and an appreciation for sunshine. As an adult she carried that lifestyle to a remote island in Everglades National Park owning and operating an organic café and gallery. She currently lives in a village sandwiched between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean in the sunniest region of southern France. Avery writes about responsible travel and sustainable lifestyles. With her sunny roots it seems only natural that she be the solar reporter for our Power to the People project about off-grid living.

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