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Solar panels for pool heating

Heating your pool with solar panels

It never ceases to amaze us why more people don't heat their swimming pool. When you spend 10K on a car you don't stop using it for 9 months every year. Thankfully there's an efficient renewable energy solution to heating your swimming pool.
Solar panels are perfect for heating you swimming pool. They're at their most efficient when there's abundant solar energy which is just when you need it most. Solar pool heating panels are usually made from tubular rubber matting. Three meter long strip of matting connect together at the ends, in a modular way to create one big panel. They can be installed on a roof or simply laid out in the garden next to the pool. They are also very DIY able and solar panel kits can be bought for a few hundred pounds. They are connected to the output side of the filtration system so the clean treated water passes through them before returning to the pool.
A panel with a surface area of about half the surface area of the pool is required to make a decent difference although, in the right location as little as 30% can be fine. It's possible to buy panels similar in colour to your roof tiles but these tend to work out more expensive (you need more of them) as the black ones absorb the heat better and therefore require less surface area. Solar pool heating can be completely automated or just work at the same times as the pool filtering system. Call us for more information about this fantastic DIY Solar panel kit for heating your swimming pool.

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