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Wind turbine install - 2
Drilling the lower section of the scaffolding pipe.

Please make sure you drill the hole in the right place. It must be in the centre and the correct distance from the end. If it's too far up the pole then the bottom of the pole will catch on the head of the bolt in the ground anchor. You might not notice this when you raise the tower without the extra weight of the wind turbine. You have been warned! - This is what happens when the hole is in the wrong place:-

Broken Spirafix Ground Anchor

The above picture is from one of our test installations which is why the test tube wasn't painted and a little rusty! Look at the end of the steel pole, you can just see where it caught on the bolt. This caused the ground anchor to snap because it's a type of steel that's not designed to be bent.

Guyed mast section assembly with steel sleeves

Join the lower and middle section of the tower using one of the sleeves. Make sure both ends of the pipe are fully inserted then tighten the grub screws. The tube/scaffolding pipe should always be a snug fit but manufacturing tolerances aren't brilliant. We found it helpful to put small pieces of wood under either ends of the poles to keep them straight and in line. If you have a nice flat surface (we used our very flat concrete loading bay) you can support one end with the other steel sleeve. If you haven't done this already put the second sleeve over the end of the middle section and tighten the lower grub screws. Fit the last section of pipe (1800mm length) make sure the end you use in the sleeve is a snug fit.
Wind turbine tower joint
Warning! A snug fit is especially important for the top section because it isn't held by the guy ropes (see below picture) It can't have guy ropes because the wind turbine blades would hit them. Choose the best piece of tube for this 1800mm section and don't be tempted to increase the length! This top section supports the entire weight of the wind turbine plus lateral wind pressure so any play in this joint could result in it moving slightly. Frequent small movements will lead to a failure of the sleeve, grub screws or pipe/tube from metal fatigue.

Wind turbine tower top section

Attaching the tower to central anchor

Fit the U bracket to the centre anchor then tighten the anchor bolt. When tightening the bolt prevent the ground anchor from turning with a second large spanner. Pay attention to your tilt angle and the correct alignment of the left, centre and right anchors! You can turn the anchor a little with a large spanner to help with this alignment. 

Attach the bottom of the tower to the U bracket using the nylock nut and bolt. Don't over tighten it or you might snap the ground anchor when you raise the tower (same problem as above)

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