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Wind turbine install - 3
  • Attaching the guy ropes
  • Adjusting the length of the guy ropes
  • Raising the wind turbine mast without the wind turbine
  • Adjusting the guy ropes again
  • Making and verifying the electrical connections to the wind turbine
Attaching the guy ropes and turn-buckles

Carefully unravel all the guy ropes and lay them out in on the ground. There are four long ones for the top sleeve and four shorter ones for the bottom sleeve.

Attach all four guy ropes to the middle sleeve using the supplied nylock nuts and bolts. Put the guy rope eye on the bolt side of the hole. Leave a little slack so the guy rope eye moves freely. Repeat for the middle top sleeve.

Wind turbine tower sleeve

Figure 3

Before fitting the turn-buckles adjust them so they are in the middle position (they are delivered fully closed and at their shortest) This is an important step because it leaves enough play to tighten or slacken them when fine adjusting the length of the guy ropes.

Fit the cable brackets to the four peripheral ground anchors using the supplied bolts. Leave a little play so the brackets can move whilst adjusting the guy ropes. Make sure you tighten them at the end

Attach two turn-buckles to each of the brackets using the steel pin and split pin.

Assemble all the guy rope end components, thread the guy rope through each of them and loosely fit the cable tensioning U-Clamps (Figure 4) Make sure you fit the cheese shaped wedge and loop the guy rope carefully over it. It is easy to get the rope jammed between the assembly and wedge and very difficult to release it without damaging the guy rope. The turn-buckle hasn't been adjusted to mid position in figure 4.

Wind turbine tower kit - Futurenergy
Figure 4

Attach each of the guy rope end assemblies to the turn-buckles using steel pins and split pins. Each anchor has two guy ropes attached. One from the lower sleeve and the other from the top sleeve.

Adjusting the guy rope lengths

The guy ropes are too long and need a lot of adjusting! Start by adjusting the left and right guy ropes. If theses two anchors are in line with the centre and equidistant you can set the length of these on the ground. Leave a little slack for fine adjustments. The cheese shaped metal insert is designed to jam in the bracket assembly because it jams/holds the cable. This can be a pain when adjusting so we used a small hammer to tap it back and unjam it. We also found that simultaneously feeding and pulling the cable through the assembly stopped it from jamming so often. Be careful not to damage it or the guy rope! Tapping it really does mean tapping it and not whacking it!

Measure the length of the left or right guy rope and use this as a guide to adjust the length of the front and back guy ropes.

Make sure all the split pins are secure and all the bolts are in place then trial lift the tower to test the guy rope length. This is just possible on your own but I wouldn't recommend it. It's much easier if there's someone else available to hold the tower up while you attach and adjust the guy ropes. 
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