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Designing a DIY Solar power kit

Running mains appliances from your solar power kit

Most people don't have 12V appliances so it's easier to convert the 12 Volts from our battery to mains voltage. This is achieved using what's known as an inverter.

The low voltage (12/24 Volt) aspects of our solar power kit are relatively safe. This DC side of kits (12, 24 or even 48 volts) isn't going to give you anything more than a little tickle if you touch bare wires but 230 Volts will likely kill you. Please be very, very careful when working with mains voltages. For AC connections and cabling you should always ask a qualified electrician.

Solar Power Kit design - Using an inverter

If the thought of working with mains power has put you off then you don't need to get your coat and leave this page now! It is possible to run your computer using 12/24 volts. In fact most computer power supplies convert 230 down to low voltages and we can supply you with a specially designed one. Please contact us for more information. You can also use low voltage, energy efficient lights as well so all is not lost if the mains voltage worries you.

We recommend and usually install Studer inverters. Studer give us excellent technical support plus we're a qualified service center so we can repair them if anything goes wrong. To date I've never had to repair a single one and that's why we sell them!

Inverters can vary greatly in power and functionality but all perform the same basic function of turning battery power into mains power. Always try and use a pure sine wave inverter so your equipment won't get damaged or make worrying funny noises. This one will work just fine with the solar power kit we've been designing:-

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