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Solar Cooker AK11

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The solar cooker works a bit like a burning/magnifying glass. The parallel sun rays are reflected by the parabolic mirror to the cooker`s focal point. Due to the high concentration of the sun`s rays, the temperatures in the focal point are extremely high.

Placing a pot or pan in the focal point allows you to cook or fry a meal.

The solar cooker can be used all year round, it is not affected by outside temperatures and it can be used at any latitude.

The pivoting frame makes it easy to point the solar cooker in any direction. Since the focal point is located inside a parabolic reflector, the cooker needs only to be rotated once every 25 minutes.

More than 30,000 have been sold throughout the world.

  • Diameter 110cm
  • Capacity 13KG - Pot plus contents
  • Flat pack kit assembled in a couple of hours 
  • Perfect complement to your existing BBQ

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