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Solar Electricty Workshop £131.31

Inc. VAT

This workshop will teach you how solar electric panels work, how to connect them to batteries and how to convert the stored energy into power for household appliances.

Next time there’s a power cut you could be in the house with the lights on while your neighbours are fumbling for the candles!

  • Introduction and overview
  • Working safely with tools and constituent parts of a system
  • The energy requirements of typical appliances
  • How solar photovoltaic panels work
  • Selecting panels with the right power and voltage output
  • Positioning and looking after solar panels
  • The different types of battery and how they store power
  • Calculating power requirements over time 
  • Selecting suitable batteries to store sufficient power
  • Looking after and maintaining your batteries
  • Charging the batteries with a charge controller 
  • Choosing the right cables, fuses and connectors
  • Connecting lights and appliances with an inverter
  • Choosing the right size of inverter
  • Fine tuning, using your system and expansion options 
  • Open question and answer session

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A highly informative combination of theory and very importantly, practical work . It  will bring  you right up to date with solar technology - Mike

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