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Solar Lighting Kits

Here you'll find a great selection of solar lighting kits that can light up everything from your shed or workshop to your whole house. We can also design a solar lighting kit that perfectly suits your current and future requirements. The choice is yours, but one of our pre-designed solar lighting kits or contact us for a custom designed solar lighting kit.
  • Solar home lighting kits
  • Solar garden lighting kits
  • Solar garage lighting kits
  • Solar lighting kits for you garden shed
  • Solar lighting kit for you workshop

We don't just sell these kits we also know how to install them. That's why we've the experience and support you can count on!

We have a selection of 12 Volt, lower power CFC lights and LEDs which you can use in you kit without having to purchase an inverter.  

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 Buy Now      Product Name   Price+ 
Buy Now   Solar Lighting Kit - LED Solar Lights   Solar Lighting Kit - LED Solar Lights   93.86 
Buy Now   Solar Lighting Kit   Solar Lighting Kit   229.29 
Buy Now   Solar Lighting Kit - Custom Built   Solar Lighting Kit - Custom Built   533.13 
Buy Now   Solar Lighting Kit   Solar Lighting Kit   533.52 
Buy Now   Solar Lighting Kit - 110W 65Ah   Solar Lighting Kit - 110W 65Ah   599.93 
Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 products) Result Pages:  1 
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