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Windmaster 500
£403.10 £340.28

Inc. VAT

The Windmaster 500 offers a simple solution when connecting a wind turbine to your household mains supply. With itís light weight and compact size, the Windmaster 500 can be installed inside existing meter cupboards, or in outbuildings, but is not suitable for use outdoors. Connection to the input of the inverter is provided by 2 dedicated, MC4 DC power plugs, which are supplied.

The output should be connected in accordance with the electrical requirements for the country of installation.

We ship every Windmaster 500 with cables and a PC-Link because that's how we get them from Mastervolt. We don't remove the PC link or cables and try and sell them separately as chargeable extras.


Mastervolt Warranty Warning

If you buy a Soladin 600 or Windmaster 500 from anyone else other than an approved installer or distributor you will invalidate the warranty.

Soladin and Windmaster Product Recall

Some inverters included a component that didn't meet the applicable requirements. Under certain circumstances, this component can fail and its temperature may rise to an unacceptable level. It can not be excluded that this ultimately leads to a safety issue (risk of fire)

All the Soladin 600 and Windmaster 500 inverters we sell are the latest versions which aren't affected by the recent product recall.

For your own safety and peace of mind please make sure you purchase your inverter from an offical Mastervolt distributor.

Mysolarshop are official Mastervolt distributors. Experience and support you can count on!

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