Solar powered bike

My electric bike that I charge using solar panels

Electric bike charged by solar panels

Electric bike which we charge using solar panels


    MYSS Team

    Using our 2.5 KW Grid tied system I can charge the battery of this electric bike when the panels are producing more power than we are using. Takes a bit of watching but riding my custom bike with free energy that comes from sunshine is a real thrill.

    MYSS Staff

    For those of you who are wondering which kit I used for the conversion it was the 48V 1000W kit from Cyclotricity.

    1KW Ebike Wheel LCD Controller Throttle


      Nice – Have you tried charging the battery directly with a solar panel?

    MYSS Staff

    It’s on our list of upcoming things to document and share here with our visitors. Check again in a couple of weeks please.

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