Schaudt LRM 1218

Old and new versions of the Schaudt LRM 1218

We’ve been asked quite a lot about the differences between the old and new version of the Schaudt LRM 1218.

New version of the Schaudt LRM 1218

With cable and connection kit

Essentially they do exactly the same job. Its’ a top class MPPT Charge controller that will charge two batteries. The connections are in the same location so swapping an old for new one should relatively easy.

The new case also lifts it off the surface a bit on corner legs. This might mean that changing to the new one means drilling new fixing holes.

Old version of the Schaudt LRM 1218

The main difference is the new case which looks as though it will more effectively dissipates the heat generated in the unit while it’s charging your batteries. The new version of the Schaudt LRM 1218 version’s fan is now protected by the case.

When you’ve just finished upgrading from the old version to this one and your’e taking a well earned afternoon nap you might be less likely to be disturbed by the fan (unlikely it’s still a fan)

Unfortunately the connection labels are still in German which increases the chance of making it smoke by hooking it up incorrectly. You’d have though that they’d do an English version considering how may they sell to the UK. Ah well…