Steca Fridge Freezers

Steca PF 166 & PF 240 Fridge Freezers

Steca PF 240 Fridge Freezer

The Steca PF 240 Fridge / Freezer

The Steca solar fridge / freezers are amazing efficient off grid cooling or freezing units with multiple personalities. So is it a Fridge , Freezer or perhaps a Freezefrideger?

The Steca PF 166 & PF 2440 fridge / freezers can operate at any temperature between +8 and -20 degrees. This is selectable on the front panel.

There isn’t a freezer box in the traditional sense of a fridge / freezer so the name is a little confusing. You basically set the temperature and it does it’s damnedest to stay at that temperature.

Just add some solar panels and a battery and you’re good to go.

We’ve sold hundreds of these in kit form. Most notably to the British army when they were serving in Iraq. Our fridges kept the troop’s drinks and food cool in the baking hot sun. We’re very proud of this.


Here’s the power consumption data which is impressive to say the least. They are top opening, chest freezers which make them more efficient because all the cold air doesn’t fall out onto your feet when you open them.

Steca Fridge Freezer Power Requirements


The Steca Fridge Freezers are available in two models. They are basically the same just a bigger box. The Steca PF166 has a 166 litre capacity and the Steca PF240 has a 240 litre capacity. Both can operate between +8 and -20 degrees.

The Steca Solar Fridge Freezer exists in two versions