Inverter SMA Sunny Island Charge Controller 50

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Inverter SMA Sunny Island Charge Controller 50

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Inverter SMA Sunny Island Charge Controller 50

AC and DC coupling are calibrated to each other.

The Sunny Island Charger 50 developed by SMA can be used universally for 12, 24, and 48 V.

Its broad DC input voltage range makes sensible system configuration possible for almost all PV modules.

Thanks to the integrated MPP tracking, the charger guarantees an energy yield that is 15 – 30 % higher than that of conventional shunt and serial charge controllers.

What is special about charge controllers in this power range is the high protection, the fanless operation, and the broad temperature range, which makes it possible to use them even in harsh ambient conditions.

The straight forward installation and the automatic customization of the controller settings by Sunny Island, make its commissioning very simple. Integrated in Sunny Island’s battery management, the battery is always optimally charged.


  •     For 12 / 24 / 48 V
  •     Up to four devices can be connected in parallel
  •     Modular and extendable


  •     Easy installation and commissioning
  •     Operation and configuration via Sunny Island (Single Point of Operation)


  •     Active MPP tracking
  •     Efficiency > 98 %


  •     Outdoor installation possible due to IP65
  •     Without fan
  •     Nominal power up to 40 °C
  •     5-year SMA warranty

Article No 330014

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Weight 12.40 kg
Dimensions 500.00 × 400.00 × 320.00 cm


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