Solar panels in series

Solar panels connected in series

This solar panel diagram illustrates how to connect 2 solar panels in series. This means the combined voltage is 24 or the sum of both the solar panel’s voltage (12 + 12) To calculate the power spec for a solar charge controller you divide the Power (Watts) by the voltage (Volts) so in this solar power kit example it’s 120 / 24 = 5 Amps. The Steca PR1010 will be fine for this purpose because it’s a 10 Amp solar charge controller.

Solar panels in series

Because this is a 24 volt solar power kit, we will need 2 batteries. Like the solar panels the batteries areĀ  connected in series .The second battery is the opposite way round to the firstĀ  which makes it easier to connect the cables.

When you put batteries in a flash light or torch you always put them in with the positive ends touching the negative ends. This is exactly the same for the batteries or solar panels (connected in series ) so they provide a higher voltage for the consumers (loads) attached to the solatr power kit.

It’s also worth noting that because the current in the first connection example (parallel connected example) is higher so it is important to pay attention to the size of the wires. A 12 Volt solar power or lighting kit will have a high currents passing through the cables so they need to be thicker. At higher currents more electrons need to flow through the wire. More current = thicker cables

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