Solar Charge Controller Phocos CML05

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12/24V, 5A Solar Module Current, 5A Load Current, IP22

Article No 320059
Manufacturer Phocos
Product Weight 14.00 kg
Packed Weight 20.00 kg
Dimensions 80 x 100 x 35 mm (LxWxH)
Shipping Parcel Post
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12/24V, 5A Solar Module Current, 5A Load Current, IP22
The CM charge controller is for small solar systems where no load disconnect is required, for example in yachts, caravans etc. The charging regime provides excellent treatment of the battery at a reasonable cost. The electronic circuit is equipped with a microcontroller which provides high-efficiency charging technology.


  • Charging display with LED
  • Large terminals (up to 16mm2)
  • PWM-regulation
  • Boost & float charging method
  • Solid-state overvoltage protection
  • Reverse polarity protection

Article No 320059

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Weight 20.00 kg


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