Phocos CMLup 20

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Solar Charge Controller Phocos CMLup 20

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Solar Charge Controller Phocos CMLup 20

The CMLup charge controllers are equipped with a number of outstanding features such as a status display, alarm, and safety functions.
The temperature-compensated, four-stage PWM charging algorithm (float-main-boost-equalization) is adjustable for sealed and vented lead-acid batteries.
The CMLup charge controller also allows either a SOC or voltage-controlled low-voltage disconnect.
Battery status is clearly indicated by three LEDs. An acoustic alarm gives a warning about an impending low-voltage disconnect (LVD).


  • SMD assembly, greater reliability
  • New housing design
  • High current rated MOSFETs
  • High performance micro controller
  • More intuitive LED design
  • USB port for charging mobile phones or small music players
  • Easily accessible terminals
  • Easy mounting

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Weight 0.24 kg


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