Solar Charge Controller Steca PR 2020

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12/24V / 20A module current / 20A load current / graphic LCD / IP31

Article No 104516
Manufacturer Steca
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Packed Weight 0.44 kg
Dimensions 187 x 96 x 44 mm (LxWxH)
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12/24V / 20A module current / 20A load current / graphic LCD / IP31

The Steca PR 1010-3030 series of charge controllers is at the top of the range of small solar charge controllers.

The latest charging technologies, combined with a Steca-AtonIC state of charge determination (which has been further improved), result in optimal battery maintenance and control of the module outputs. A large display informs the user via symbols, about operating modes. The state of charge is represented visually by means of a tank display. Data such as voltage, current and state of charge can also be displayed digitally as figures. In addition, the controller has an energy meter which can be reset by the user.



  •     Hybrid controller
  •     State of charge determination with Steca AtonIC (SOC)
  •     Automatic detection of voltage
  •     PWM control
  •     Multistage charging technology
  •     Load disconnection depending on SOC
  •     Automatic load reconnection
  •     Temperature compensation
  •     Common positive grounding or negative grounding on one terminal
  •     Integrated data logger
  •     Night light and morning light function
  •     Integrated self test
  •     Monthly maintenance charge

Electronic protection functions

  •     Overcharge protection
  •     Deep discharge protection
  •     Reverse polarity protection of load, module and battery
  •     Automatic electronic fuse
  •     Short circuit protection of load and module
  •     Overvoltage protection at module input
  •     Open circuit protection without battery
  •     Reverse current protection at night
  •     Overtemperature and overload protection
  •     Battery overvoltage shutdown


Article No 104516

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Weight 0.44 kg


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