Vaccine Refrigerator Sure Chill BLF 100DC

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Sure Chill works on the principle that water is at its densest at 4˚C. Water, not ice, surrounds a Sure Chill refrigeration compartment. When power is supplied to the refrigerator, the water cools and ice is formed above the compartment leaving only water at 4˚C cooling the contents. When the power is switched off, the water warms and rises while the ice begins to melt. This keeps only water at a perfect 4˚C cooling the contents of the compartment. The system can operate like this, without any power whatsoever, for many days. 


  • The Sure Chill Vaccine Refrigerator is the only cooling solution that features our unique Sure Chill technology.
  • Sure Chill can operate intermittent or poor mains supply, battery-free solar power – or a combination of the two – to make sure vaccines are stored safely even in the harshest climates.
  • The Sure Chill Vaccine refrigerator never freezes vaccines: Sure Chill’s intelligent temperature management system keeps temperatures between +4°C and +6°C in every part of the cabinet.
  • Optimum cooling is guaranteed for 10 days without power at ambient temperatures of 43°C – and even longer at lower temperatures.
  • A solar powered digital LED display means you can check the temperature even when the mains power is down.
  • Self-sealing twin door gaskets and high levels of insulation keep ypur products at the optimum temperature for long periods of time

Article No 360035

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Weight 180.00 kg
Dimensions 930.00 × 830.00 × 1900.00 cm


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