Studer X-Tender and Vario Accessories

X-Connect System: The X-Connect system offers a flexible and cost effective solution for high power systems based on XTH inverter. The Frame is supplied with: Pre-installed DC circuit breaker (1)Pre-installed fuses (2)Pre-installed DIN rail (3)Protection for auxiliary contact wiring (4)Interconnection tube and gland for AC wiring (5)Screws and nuts for frame assembly Solsafe S-Box: Despite a solar system on your house, in case of power outage, the grid inverters will shut off and the solar generator, whatever its size, will be useless. The Solsafe Box is the ultimate solution for this problem. RCC 02 Remote Control: The Xtender has 2 programmable auxiliary contacts. They allow the Xtender to be used in conjunction with existing inverters and can also be used to signal an auto-start generator or an alarm. The Xtender series can be programmed via the RCC 02.

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