Western SPB MPPT Solar Charge Controllers

Western Co. charge regulators for lighting have been properly studied for PV street lamps with either SOX (low pressure sodium) and LED lamps.Their circuit has got a switching system with microcontroller for recharge of sealed or flooded lead acid 12Volt/24Volt (according to the version 12 or 24  V) Pb batteries and search of the MPPT maximum power point of PV modules (switching Western Enhanced for a maximum exploitation of efficiency during recharge phase). A temperature sensor (which must be installed as close as possible to the battery) allows to adapt the recharge voltage to the variations of environment temperature as reported in the graphic at the end of this manual. This guarantees the best use of battery even in conditions of large thermal excursions and make these charge regulators suitable for outdoor applications. The recharge circuit needs to measure the battery voltage but, owing to the voltage drop on cables that connect regulator and battery, such measure is as more distorted as longer are the cables. For this reason there is an auxiliary input for the revela¬≠tion of remote battery voltage that we advise to connect id the cables? length between SPB-LB and battery is > of 1.5 metres.All these expedients guarantee an optimum recharge and, therefore, a maximum life duration of the battery.”

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